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Old News


Spring 2017 Authors for Desert Pets Press

Spring 2017 Authors for Desert Pets Press


May 2, 2017.

New website. Chapbook to be released in June with Desert Pets Press. 

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new website! As you can see much has been reworked and simplified. I'll try to have shorter and more frequent blog posts on here, as well as continue to post appearance dates and links to my work. 

I have a chapbook coming out with Desert Pets Press in early June! It will be of my short story, "Just Pervs", which is the title story for my collection. I'm really looking forward to seeing this story as its own chapbook and to see what cool illustrations Emma Dolan puts in it!

Two very important people to me have some big stuff up on the net. Sofia Mostaghimi has put up her own website of her work. Joe Thomson had a flash fiction piece, "Sugo," published on The Matador Review. Please check them out! They both help me out with my work and are like my family. 

I'll have much more to post here soon. I'm off work writing for the summer and soon will be going on a big trip to write and see a little more of the world.

Have a great night and thanks for seeing my new website!


December 27, 2016.

Read at Pivot, Light Reading, Adele Barclay's Launch. Hosted IFOA event. Wrote my first blurb for Adam Zachary's The End, by Anna. Cultivating several hobbies. A lot of changes this year. Good ones. Trying to write to the end of Just Pervs and Where Everything Glows.


So it seems like it's been another four months since I last wrote on here, and we're coming up to the end of 2016. Yay, another year done.

I currently am at my parents' place where I retreated for the holidays, hoping to finish up writing Just Pervs and Where Everything Glows. It's going okay, but of course, I'm never as fast as I want to be. But it's going and the process keeps getting more and more fun, which is nice.

We did Christmas Eve at my parents' and then headed over to my brother and his wife's place. As soon as we got there, she told us she was feeling a little sick. Throughout breakfast, she couldn't eat and then she started shaking. She ended up staying home from my aunt's place. I ate a bit of pineapple in a jelly salad, which I'm allergic to, so I thought my rocky stomach was just that.

Yeah, no. I had the shakes all night yesterday and had to go to bed. My brain isn't quite back up to fiction-writing-ability, so I thought I'd catch you all up instead. You're welcome.

Aside from writing these books this year, I've been trying to do a bunch of different things, mostly just to improve my enjoyment of life and my mental health, while still fighting the boredom that often drives me to overwork. It's been great! I'm feeling better than I remember ever feeling, am balanced, and am able to keep everything organized. Aside from some minimal social burnout, I'm glad I got through last year's depression and anxiety as a stronger, more even person. 

My friend, Emma, and I took a woodcarving class on Monday nights with renowned carver, Gordon Becker. It was just through the Toronto District School Board, so we were shocked to have a teacher with so many professional designations and experience. I made a curled up, sleeping fox.

We're going to be taking a Spanish class and non-traditional printmaking and silkscreen this upcoming semester. We also took a knitting class in the summer.

In addition to these crafts and hobbies, I've been completing my TESL certification and I've taken up rockclimbing with Sofia Mostaghimi (who recently put out a story in this cool anthology). I'm hooked and am trying to do it a couple times a week. 

All of this means that I haven't been going out to as many events as last year. I'm still trying to support the community as best I can (and may even have an idea for a new project I'll start working on in 2017), but it's been nice for me to open my social spheres and activities beyond writing. I think it's necessary to keep the work fresh and good. 

This fall, I still got to read at a Pivot that Canisia Lubrin hosted in September, a Light Reading (run by Adam Zachary), and at Adele Barclay's launch of her wonderful poetry book, If I Were in a Cage, I'd Reach Out For You. At all of these, I read Just Pervs stuff, and I find sharing new stories with my peers just the thing to keep me going. 

At the end of October, I also hosted an event for IFOA featuring Rosemary Sullivan interviewing Eleanor Wachtel. This is me checking out the backroom at the Fleck Dance Theatre.

I also wrote my first ever blurb this year, for Adam Zachary's The End, by AnnaIt's a great book, and I was so happy that it was the first book I have been able to blurb. The thing about Adam is that whatever they are working on, whether it's their reading series, poetry, or fiction, it's super interesting and feels new and real. Metatron is doing some interesting stuff too and is definitely a press to watch.

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for me, especially since this has been a year packed with growth and changes. I hope that I keep growing, keep feeling good, and that you all are feeling good too!

Happy New Year!